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Working with Christopher Carter, you have a variety of interactive show options to choose from. Pick one or a combination to make your next event a resounding success.

After Dinner Show | Corporate Mindreader

entertainment-mindreaderWelcome to the world of Christopher Carter, where he takes his audience – not just as observers, but as active participants – on an interior journey that explores the mysteries of the mind. At each event, Christopher demonstrates why he calls the human mind “the last great frontier.”

Christopher can’t see a thing – you made sure of that when you and other audience members placed a large coin over each of his eyes and covered them with multiple layers of duct tape. Yet, without missing a single detail, Christopher just told you exactly what’s in your pockets.

A minute ago, he gave an intricate description of an object that a man was holding. Just before that, he stunned the crowd when he told a woman what was in her purse, including the specific compartment.

You can see and feel the sense of empowerment that the audience experiences when Christopher causes a light bulb, which you purchased, to suddenly illuminate in your own hands. Then he asks you to open an envelope you’ve been guarding for weeks, revealing a detailed description of how a randomly selected audience member is dressed.

For more than two decades, Christopher Carter has been thrilling corporate audiences in every corner of the nation. Each presentation is customized to the specific needs of the client and the event. As a psychic entertainer, Christopher has earned feature appearances on The Martin Short Show, and the Donny and Marie Show. Long one of the most popular performers on college campuses, Christopher has been awarded the highest honor in the Campus Activities industry: Entertainer of the Year in 2005. As a corporate entertainer, Christopher has created custom presentations for some of the nation’s top corporate groups, including Sprint PCS, Harley-Davidson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Phillips Electric, Wells Fargo, The Million Dollar Round Table, and many more.

Motivational Speaker

entertainment-speakerThere were four speakers this morning. Each had important information to deliver, but their talks were dry and technical. It’s after lunch, and you can see your attendees’ eyes starting to droop. That is about to change!

Christopher Carter is introduced. From the moment he steps onto the platform, he is in control. He’s dynamic. He’s funny. And when he stresses the importance of overcoming our self-limiting ways of thinking, he offers more than just words. He illustrates his points with some of the most engaging and mind-boggling demonstrations of thought-reading your audience will ever see.

Christopher teaches that how we think determines what we achieve, and he shows how the greatest obstacles we face are most often those we place upon ourselves. Meanwhile, he skillfully weaves in humorous stories and blockbuster demonstrations. It’s fifty percent message, fifty percent entertainment, and one hundred percent memorable. Long after your audience will have forgotten the morning’s PowerPoint presentations, they’ll still be talking about Christopher Carter.

Sample Topics

Achieving The Impossible: Creating a High Performance Team – As individuals, we can achieve great results. As a team, we can achieve the impossible! Learn how to communicate so that each team member feels engaged and motivated. Learn how to build a team that is energized, innovative, and responsive.

Inside the Customer’s Mind: Turning Casual Customers into Raving Fans – Bringing customers back over and over again requires understanding not only what they need, but responding to it. Learn how to read “between the lines” of customer communication so that the customers feel as if you can “read their minds.”

The Credibility Advantage: Using Body Language to Sell Your Product, Your Service, and Yourself – Everyone is in sales. No matter what your job title or position, you’re always selling yourself! In this program, Christopher shows how to identify when your prospect is ready to buy, and how to communicate consistently so that they’re always buying YOU.

Master of Ceremonies

entertainment-master-of-ceremoniesA true Master of Ceremonies crafts an event, shapes it, and energizes it with his or her own brand of star quality. A veteran presenter who has engaged audiences around the globe, from college campuses to Fortune 100 companies, Christopher Carter will engage then educate your audience, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and respect for each guest speaker.

An in-demand motivational speaker who conducts highly respected business workshops for professionals across multiple industries, Christopher knows how to transform your event into a unified, powerful, and memorable production. In addition to shining a light on each of your executives and speakers, as an award-winning Psychic Entertainer, he will sprinkle in humor and demonstrations of ESP that will leave your audience laughing and shaking their heads with amazement.

When planning your next event, imagine a true Master of Ceremonies taking your event to the next level and transforming it into something your audience will remember.

Magician | Strolling Entertainment

entertainment-magicianYour guests are arriving prior to dinner. Some are standing around tables, others milling about in groups. Their conversation is subdued, and you wonder what you can do to fill the room with a spirit of fun and excitement. Suddenly a burst of laughter, accompanied by gasps of astonishment erupts from one group. You hear a woman shout, “There is no way you could know that!” When you ask later, she tells you about the amazing man who read her mind and told her the name of her first childhood crush. Another guest can’t stop talking about the guy who just caused his wristwatch to reset itself simply by concentrating on it.

As Christopher Carter moves from group to group, performing intimate feats of thought reading, illusion, and mind-over-matter, the sounds of laughter and astonishment grow.

Soon the conversation is flowing, your guests are smiling and having fun, and you can relax, confident in the knowledge that this will be the best event yet.

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