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The Picture Ages But You Stay Forever Young.

It’s amazing what we’re willing to trade for a little bit of lost youth.  This article discusses the psychological cost of using Botox. In a nutshell, because Botox freezes the facial muscles, it makes it impossible for others to perceive your micro expressions.  As a result, people have a difficult time forming emotional connections with […]

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More on TSA Behavioral Analysis

A while back I posted about the TSA’s plan to train agents to read body language.  Apparently they’ve already begun to implement this in Boston’s Logan Airport.  This recent story on NPR talks about it: Pay special attention to commentary by Paul Ekman, the brain behind the training.  Also note a brief appearance by […]

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What The Eyes Reveal

The eyes are said to be windows to the soul.  And it really is true that they can reveal a lot about what a person is thinking about on a moment to moment basis.   The reason they can is that the movement of the eyes, where a person looks, is directly connected to certain types of thought processing.  Psychologists […]

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