Thank you for your amazing performance during our ILICA Convention. Your mind-blowing act impressed us! You deliver a quality performance that professionally intertwines your art with skilled showmanship. You are a one-of-a-kind performer; I am a big fan!

~Ryan Arch, Executive Director, Illinois Land Improvement Contractors Association

As an Office Administrator, I am responsible for arranging entertainment to satisfy a variety of staff members, as well as the partners who own our firm. Christopher Carter delivered! He was entertaining, engaging, fun and amazingly talented. He is an outstanding entertainer!

~Sherri Moorhusen, Anderson, Lower, Whitlow, P.C.

You are such a pro and so very talented! I am thankful to have you in my arsenal of tricks. Thank you for never letting me down!

~Jane Hathaway, More Than Meetings

Thanks so much for speaking at our event. We loved the presentation and heard some amazing feedback from our attendees!

~Avery Cropp, MN Society of CPAs

Chris, thank you for your exceptional sessions at last week’s meeting in Orlando. I am quite pleased at how you activated the principles of my presentation, and made the experience unforgettable for all who attended.

You created a buzz within the entire sales organization, and there is a very good chance that I will be reaching out to work with you again in the future, as there were many associates who were disappointed that they did not take the experience in.

Really great working with you, and thanks again.”

~John P. Machak, U.S. Sales Training, Senior Sales Training Manager, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

“Chris, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a simply amazing presentation to our conference attendees. You have a unique ability to blend the fascinating with the concept of maximizing our inner strengths and then to tie them all together with fun and flare.

Over the years I have had the unfortunate task of attending a number of presentations that lack style, substance, message and any sense of entertainment. Your approach and methods captured every person from ownership to managers and tied them together with human commonality that we cannot evade.

We look forward to our next encounter and thank you for the obvious amount of attention to detail that you put forth for every client.”

~Bill Gray, Vice President of Human Resources, Prestige Healthcare

“I had the pleasure to have spent one hour in the audience of Christopher Carter at last week’s PDA annual conference in Atlanta. This was by far the best entertainment that I have seen in my career; this includes shows from NYC to Las Vegas.”

~PDA (Polyurea Development Association)

“ASA Chicago members were mesmerized by Chris at the 17th Annual Awards night! His motivational talk was delivered in real time examples and well received. I received several phone calls the day after Chris performed and many wondered where we found him and hoped to connect with him for their own private functions!”

~Virginia McDonald, Executive Director, ASA Chicago

“You did it again! I believe your recent performance for our meeting was the fifth time I have engaged you and, as always, the experience for our guests as well as me was exceptional.”

~Colliers Bennet and Kahnweiler

“Your performance was amazing, humorous and entertaining. We have been receiving rave reviews all day.”

~Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, NY

“I had the opportunity to see many of the guests later in the afternoon, and they were still talking about your performance. I was inundated with questions like, ‘how did he really do that?’ and ‘was that light bulb rigged?’ I had to assure them that a) I have no idea, and b) I bought that light bulb myself.”

~Oakbrook Area Association of Commerce

“Wow, was he phenomenal! The group loved him and were awed by his performance.”

~PGI, Inc.

“The comments after the performance were nothing but enthusiastic.”

~Farmers Union Insurance

“Everyone was thrilled by your performance Friday evening at Royal Melbourne. We just can’t get over the things you did.”

~Coldwell Banker

“You were recommended to us by our member, Tom Powers, as ‘astounding.’ Even at that, when I read your promotional literature, I expected the claims to be overstated. But you DELIVERED!!!”

~Committee of One Hundred, Miami Beach, Fl.

“Your talent and willingness to customize your show were fantastic. We are still talking about your performance.”

~Phillips Electric

“Christopher, thank you for inspiring us to ‘Achieve the Impossible!’ The standing ovation you received speaks for itself. You were instrumental in helping make this annual meeting such a success.”

~Million Dollar Roundtable 

“Your performance was both hilarious and astounding. And I truly appreciate how you were able to work our products into your performance.”

~Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“When I saw you at the Iowa meeting I knew I had to bring you to our meeting in Idaho. You were a spectacular success!”

~Idaho Medical Group Management Association

“You were the perfect entertainer for our recruitment meetings. I know I’ll be sharing your name with our other divisions.”

~Ernst and Young

“Chris, I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how much we enjoyed your performance at the Marzetti Annual Meeting earlier this year.

We were particularly impressed with your approach,…your delivery of some of the amazing random revelations that were disclosed during the audience participation…truly made for a very entertaining and Wow experience. It was a great way to start our program in Chicago and set a high energy level for our meetings the rest of the week.”

~Tim Tate, Vice President, T. Marzetti Co.

“This is the third meeting we’ve featured your performance. Each time is a bigger hit than the last.”

~American Crystal Sugar 

“You made the experience unforgettable!” — Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
“Everyone was thrilled!” — Coldwell Banker
“You were fantastic!” — Phillips Electric
“You were both hilarious and astounding!” — Novartis
“Each time is a bigger hit than the last!” — American Crystal Sugar
“Our recruits can’t stop raving about you! — Ernst and Young
“The perfect speaker for our Leadership Institute!” — Intertek
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