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The Picture Ages But You Stay Forever Young.

It’s amazing what we’re willing to trade for a little bit of lost youth.  This article discusses the psychological cost of using Botox. In a nutshell, because Botox freezes the facial muscles, it makes it impossible for others to perceive your micro expressions.  As a result, people have a difficult time forming emotional connections with […]

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Five Tips For Looking Confident (Even When You Aren’t)

  Confidence is the most powerful tool for persuasion you possess.  People tend to be more attracted to those who are confident and more likely to agree with them or want to do what they ask.  But there’s a problem.  From time to time everybody gets butterflies.  Your palms start to sweat, your breathing becomes […]

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Body Language Over The Telephone?

My favorite part of any speaking event is when I take questions from the audience.   This is where I find out what people really want to know about communication.  At one of my recent Student Body Language presentations a woman asked, “Can body language help me when I’m doing a job interview over the phone?”  […]

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Does It Mean Anything?

One interesting exchange I had while on my recent tour went like this: Man: “I love watching people, and I’ve noticed some interesting things.” Me: “Such as?” Man: “I’ve noticed that people who talk without moving their upper lips are usually dishonest.” Me:  “Uh…..Ok.  I recommend you never visit England.” If you read me even occasionally, […]

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Sure, You’re Making Eye Contact, But Is It The Right Kind?

Everyone knows how important it is to make eye contact with the people you’re talking to,  but not all eye contact is the same.  If you’re doing it right, you’re communicating to your conversation partner that you’re likeable, trustworthy, attentive.  If you do it wrong, you could be communicating that you’re intense, aloof, domineering, or disinterested.  Here […]

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