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Listening To The Past

I’m heading into downtown Chicago this morning to attend an auction of vintage posters and memorabilia from long-ago magicians and mentalists. It’s a larger market that you would imagine, with collectors bidding from all over the world. The auction covers items from scores of artists, many of whom are famous to me, though you probably […]

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Jumpstart Your Team’s Creativity

Here’s some exciting news for anybody who is in the business of leading change.  As we all know, the right communication skills are crucial for fostering innovation in your organization.  Recently, researchers at Stanford Universityexamined the correlation between certain kinds of body language and highly creative teams.   They discovered that teams come up with the […]

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Virtual Body Language

We’ve known for a long time that it’s harder to convey the full range of meaning online, due to the impossibility of viewing body language.   A new study digs deeper into the problem. Put simply, they examined the ways people communicate via animated avatars.  The money quote: The researchers found that the best performance was […]

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More on TSA Behavioral Analysis

A while back I posted about the TSA’s plan to train agents to read body language.  Apparently they’ve already begun to implement this in Boston’s Logan Airport.  This recent story on NPR talks about it: Pay special attention to commentary by Paul Ekman, the brain behind the training.  Also note a brief appearance by […]

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5 Things You Must Do To Be a Good Listener

Chances are you think you are a good listener.  Chances are greater there’s somebody in your life who will disagree.    If both of these statements are true, congratulations!  You’re pretty much like everybody else on the planet.  The fact is, none of is born with good listening skills.  We have to learn them.  Unfortunately, most […]

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