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The Power of a Last Impression!

Whenever somebody says to you, “that’s a good question,” what they’re really saying is that they don’t have a good answer.  In my lectures and seminars I put a lot of emphasis on the power of the first impression.  I try to stress that first impressions are formed subconsciously, and once made they are very […]

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A Letter From a Reader

I love getting questions from readers.  Talking about body langauge in the abstract is so much less interesting than seeing how it plays out in real-world situations. A while back a reader sent me the following email: Ricky XXXXXXX () wrote: Is she interested: body language I was out on a date recently and noticed that my […]

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What Men and Women Need to Know About Each Others’ Body Language

Entire industries have been built upon pointing out the differences between men and women.  Films have been made, plays written, pop psychology books penned, studies conducted, comedy routines performed, all revolving around the many ways the genders fail to understand the way each other thinks and behaves.   It should come as no surprise that men and […]

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Listening Between the Lines

I had a great question from a person who had recently seen one of my shows.  He wanted to know how it would be possible to use people-reading skills during my routine where I have audience volunteers duct-tape my eyes  shut.  I explained that “people reading” included not only body language, but also listening.  Indeed, […]

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What’s In It For Me?

Most people seem to understand the value of non-verbal communication skills, but occasionally I am confronted by a person who has that “what’s in it for me?” attitude.  While thinking about that question recently, I happened to recall the day I bought my current car.  Michael, the salesman who sold my by Acura, is a great example of […]

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Some Tips For Job Interviewing

I was hard at work on a post about body language for job interviews when I saw this.    Her suggestions are both simple and powerful.  If you’re not familiar with Ms. Goman’s work, make it your job to follow her posts on  She also has a great book out on body language in the workplace.

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Dealing With Resistance

You’re sitting across from a person you’re trying to persuade in some way.  Maybe it’s a job interview, and you’re trying to convince him to hire you.  Maybe you’re in sales and you’re trying to convince him to buy your product.   Maybe you’re negotiating to buy something and you’re trying to convince him to bend […]

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Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
“You made the experience unforgettable!” — Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
Coldwell Banker
“Everyone was thrilled!” — Coldwell Banker
Phillips Electric
“You were fantastic!” — Phillips Electric
“You were both hilarious and astounding!” — Novartis
American Crystal Sugar
“Each time is a bigger hit than the last!” — American Crystal Sugar
Ernst and Young
“Our recruits can’t stop raving about you! — Ernst and Young
“The perfect speaker for our Leadership Institute!” — Intertek
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