Christopher Carter Messes With Your Mind

The audience is getting excited for Christopher Carter's show

The audience is getting excited for Christopher Carter’s show

A Christopher Carter performance is the closest thing to pure mind reading your students will ever see.  But it’s more than just amazing, it’s also really funny!

Christopher starts each performance with a demonstration of his skill at reading body language.  The audience is thrilled as he ‘reads their minds’ by reading their nonverbal behavior, then they’re amazed as he explains a few of the ‘tells’ that allowed him to read them so easily.  From here things take a turn to the surreal.  Soon Christopher is reading not just one, but dozens of students in the audience, revealing secrets and details about them that he simply should not be able to know.

But Christopher does much more than read minds.  He makes predictions about audience members that come true in detail during the performance.  He identifies borrowed objects, even though his eyes have been sealed shut with duct tape. He plants thoughts into the minds of audience volunteers, and even causes them to ‘see’ things that don’t exist.

Christopher Carter bends a spoon in a student's hand.

Christopher Carter bends a spoon in a student’s hand.

A highlight of most Christopher Carter performances is his famed ‘Lightbulb Illusion,’ a routine performed by nobody else in the world.  The Student Activities Committee provides lightbulbs, which are given to audience members to examine during the show.  Christopher causes these lightbulbs to light up in the audience members’ hands, without Christopher ever touching them.  To prove that the bulbs are real, Christopher even allows the volunteers to keep them as souvenirs.

With over 2500 college campus experiences and every major campus award to his credit, there must be a reason why Christopher Carter is one of the most popular college campus performers in the world.

Christopher is exclusively represented on college campuses by Bass-Schuler Entertainment, 773-481-2600.

Christopher Carter causes light bulbs to light up in student's hands.

Christopher Carter causes light bulbs to light up in student’s hands.

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