Christopher Carter is the body language expert that helps businesses build relationships.


It’s just after lunch. You’ve got four speakers to present, each with important (but dry and technical) information to deliver. You can see your attendees’ eyes starting to glaze over. But that’s about to change!

Christopher Carter is much more than a body language expert. From the moment he steps onto the platform, he is in control. He’s dynamic. He’s funny. And when he stresses the importance of “reading between the lines” of human behavior to build relationships, establish trust and credibility, and truly listen to the customer, he offers more than just words. He illustrates his points with some of the most engaging and mind-boggling demonstrations of body language reading that your audience will ever see.

What makes Christopher so effective as a keynote speaker is his:

  • unique blend of message with entertainment
  • flexibility to work with you and ensure his content supports your meeting’s themes
  • 30 years of professional entertainment experience to make sure your audience takes your message home with them

Long after they’ve forgotten the morning’s PowerPoint presentations, they’ll still be talking about your keynote speaker: body language expert Christopher Carter. Let him show your sales and customer service professionals how to harness the power of body language to achieve astonishing results.

Choose from these top-requested Keynotes

Achieving The Impossible: Creating a High-Performance Team

As individuals, we can achieve great results — but as a team, we can achieve the impossible! Keynote speaker Christopher Carter designed this program so your team leaders and entire teams can learn how to:

  • Communicate so every team member feels engaged and motivated
  • Build a team that is energized and immediately responsive
  • Create a team environment that encourages rather than inhibits innovation

Inside the Customer’s Mind: Turning Casual Customers into Raving Fans

How do you bring customers back, again and again? In this dynamic presentation, keynote speaker Christopher Carter teaches your personnel how to:

  • Understand exactly what your customers need
  • Fulfill customer needs beyond all expectations
  • “Read between the lines” so customers almost feel you’re reading their minds

The Credibility Advantage: Using Body Language to Sell Your Product, Your Service, And Yourself

Everybody is in sales. No matter what your job title or position, you’re always selling yourself. In this engaging keynote, Christopher draws from his knowledge as a body language expert to instruct professionals, regardless of industry, how to:

  • Identify the body language that shows your prospect is ready to buy
  • Avoid the nonverbal pitfalls that could lose you the sale
  • Communicate effectively so they’re always buying you


Sometimes it’s not what you say, but what you DON’T say that counts. In PowerListening, As a nonverbal communication and body language expert, Christopher shows your staff how to “listen between the lines” so they can:

  • Go beyond what people say and identify what they really mean
  • Build trust and credibility with customers
  • Communicate more successfully with colleagues

Conquering Uncharted Territory: Leading Your Team Through Change

The one constant in business is change. And while it comes with the promise of new opportunities, it can create anxiety and resistance within organizations. In this valuable keynote, communication and body language expert Christopher Carter guides top-level team leaders how to:

  • Recognize the unspoken signs of resistance in your team
  • Alleviate their anxiety and win them over
  • Communicate powerfully so they buy into your vision of the future



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